Made in Germany since 1956  & sold in Australia since 2005

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ownerProud new owners of Bockmann Australia - Michael, Elfreda and Rosie, welcome you to our new business location at Swan Bay.
Boeckmann have been building horse transport vehicles in Germany since 1956. Since that time they have been the clear market leader in Europe with innovations and patents that are the envy of competitors. Every new development is thoroughly tested with the family's own horses. A product must be good enough to meet the requirements of the family and their horses before it enters serial production.

The company is owned and managed by brothers Klaus (engineer and former dressage rider) and Gilly Boeckmann (professional showjumper, riding coach and horse breeder). Boeckmann Australia is owned and managed by Manfred Dobrow (former Grand Prix dressage rider and judge) at Bendigo, Victoria.

All Boeckmann horse floats offered in Australia are completely built in Germany with only the wheels added here. Safety for horse and human and ease of handling are our number one priority and the superb quality of the renowned German engineering ensures a long and trouble free working life.

Things to consider before buying a new float .....

    1. Size and weight – always try to match the size of the float to provide comfortable travel to your horses. Too big can be almost as bad as too small. The stall should be adjustable in length as well as the chest bars and bum bars should also be adjustable in height. Internal height is most important especially when carrying big warmblood horses. Check the towing limit of your car as well as the permissible down load on the towing ball ( our floats only load this to a max of 75 kg).
    2. Safety – don’t get sucked in by a fancy paint job, the important bits are to be found under the float. Suspension, chassis and floor construction and brakes are much more important than pretty swirls on the side. Safety for your horses inside the float is vital. Can the chest bars and bum bars be disconnected without entering the float in case of an emergency?
    3. Ventilation – In Australia we have to realize that heat can be a huge factor in the horses’ wellbeing when travelling. Lots of fresh air in as well as hot air outlets are most important. Internal height (volume of air ) is also a consideration
    4. Ease of handling – Mostly it is a female person who has to hook the float on and take it off, lift the tailgate and secure it, do the driving and, sometimes, backing.
    5. Durability and Re-Sale Value – Everyone is aware of rust as a big killer. A chassis that is welded after manufacture can be a big problem as can the steel sheeting where it is riveted to the frame. The floor is another potential problem area.

ADVICE .....

We have taken good care of all of the above areas and can show testimonials from delighted customers. We are also very happy to discuss your particular needs either on the phone or personally at any time. There will be no sales pressure. Whatever you do, do not fall for a cheap float with lots of features because you only ever get what you pay for and to endanger your horses (and your personal safety) by buying one of those can be extremely dangerous.