Made in Germany since 1956  & sold in Australia since 2005

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This is the only model supplied with the torsion bar suspension and shock absorbers and with the Euro override brakes. Includes emergency breakaway system and four wheel brakes.
Internal tack box fully fitted out, internal kick protection and self retracting back cover.  Walls are made from 13 ply marine ply wood permanently coated with UV resistant PVC .Tare approx. 920 kg Max total weight 2,000 kg       
Internal sizes : 1.65 m wide, 2.30 m high and 3.28 m long                                                                                                                               
Inc GST $ 15,995.00
Identical to the DUO R but with double wishbone suspension with coil springs and shock absorbers and with electric brakes. Tare approx. 920 kg Max total weight 2,400 kg  
Inc GST  $ 17,995.00
NB.All Boeckmann floats for Australia have additional sliding side windows and large roof vents. Wide range of colours and decors available