Made in Germany since 1956  & sold in Australia since 2005

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The Portax range consist of several models. All are made with extruded aluminium side walls and with a polyester bow and roof. The aluminium sides are double sided with air enclosed for added insulation. Due to the wide interior ( 175 cm) and high roof ( 230 cm ) as well the general shape Portax models are suitable for even the biggest horses.
The basic range consists of the Portax E which has two full height personal access doors and a large tack box which is accessible from either side.

And the other one is the Portax K which, instead of the right side access door has an unloading ramp.

All Portax models feature a convertible tail gate that can be turned from the conventional ramp into a hinged door with the pull of just one lever. And, of course, the centre divider can be completely taken out so turning the float into a handy all purpose trailer.

Due to the superior balance the download on to the tow bar is only 65 kg

The Rec Retail Price for both models is $ 25,500 inc GST