Made in Germany since 1956  & sold in Australia since 2005

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This is also a very big float, the same internal width as the Big Master ( 1.75 m) but a much more angular design due to the walls being made of hollow aluminium panels which add some additional insulation value.

The roof and the bow are still polyester. The vertical download on the tow ball is only 65 kg except for the Portax L which is 120 kg.
There is a great video clip available on YouTube. Go to Boeckmann Horse Floats and select Portax from the menu

RRP $25,500

NB. All Boeckmann floats for Australia have additional sliding side windows and large roof vents. Wide range of colours and decors available

There are three models in the family and all three are identical from the chest bars back. All have the divided chest bars with the centre pole which is totally removable and all have the wonderful convertable loading ramp which can, by just pulling a lever, be converted from the traditional ramp to a side hinged step-up. This opens up several options for the user not least the possibility of driving a loader or forklift right up to the end and maybe loading some big bales of hay or pallets of product.
The model K has the distinctive front unloading ramp and a small, tinted front window as well as a tack box accessible from the full height personal access door on the left side.
The model E has two personal access doors and a larger tack box accessible from both sides with a fitted award winning \'caroussell\' type saddle rack. It, too , has a small front window.
Just released is the Portax L SR which is an extended model featuring a seperate gressing room in the front which is fitted out with a seat, saddle and bridle storage, cleaning tools and even a boot jack.
Due to huge demand in Europe there is limited supply here. Price $ 28,800 inc GST